Universal CSV to GPX Prox error

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Universal CSV to GPX Prox error

Hi Guys,

NewBie here and sorry to bother you, but I have a small problem.

I am trying to convert "Universal CSV" to Gpx for import into Garmin
Basecamp, but it's not working correctly

My Universal CSV looks like this (example)

xx.xxxx,xx.xx.xxxxx,Test,Test also,Symbol,100

But when I convert this with GPSBabel the prox gets converted wrong

    <wpt lat="xx.xxxx0000" lon="xx.xxxxx0000">
      <cmt>Test Also</cmt>
      <desc>Test Also</desc>

Everything seems fine and dandy, but Garmin Basecamp doesn't like the
<gpxx:Proximity>100.000000000</gpxx:Proximity> but wants it like this
<gpxx:Proximity>100</gpxx:Proximity> for it to work

Anyone know how to solve this

I already tried instead of using 100 the following notations

- 100m

- 0.1

- 0.1m

- 1






But they all fail.

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