Script to extract waypoints for KML MultiGeometries

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Script to extract waypoints for KML MultiGeometries

Terry Brown-2
Hi, just made a set of waypoints for a trip using Google Earth,
and found that a lot of the points (PlaceMarks) weren't brought in by

    gpsbabel -i kml -o gpx mnpls.kml mnpls.gpx

because they were <MultiGeometry><Point/><LineString/></MultiGeometry>
instead of just <Point/>

This small python script replaces the MultiGeometries with the first
Point within them, allowing gpsbabel to make a GPX with all the


    python < mnpls.kml > mnpls_pts.kml
    gpsbabel -i kml -o gpx mnpls_pts.kml mnpls.gpx

QGIS didn't load all the points either, FWIW.

Cheers -Terry

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