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Robert Lipe-2
Wait, let me see if I have this right:

WebEngine was added - and always intended to replace WebKit - in Qt 5.4.
WebKit was removed (though still optionally compilable) in 5.6 because it no longer met the portability and security requirements for Qt.
RHEL is shipping a 5.6 version of Qt without WebEngine, but WITH WebKit, making their Qt pretty much incompatible with everyone else's.

RedHat's other OS, does ship with webengine, but only as an option.

Do they provide any flag in qglobal.h that announces this so that an app can test whether they're using such a bizarre combination?  I'd rather not rely on configure tests for this. In fact, I'm about out of love with configure itself.

I'm admittedly caught a bit off heel that such a major feature was removed in 5.6 and am annoyed that we may have to support two paths for a long time. Our use of the embedded web view is quite pedestrian so it's not like it's even a major annoyance.

Do any of our Linux experts have advice on how other portable apps are dealing with this?  In the absence of a sane way to detect which path is really available, I may just disable this feature (it's really not used that much anywhere...) on Linux and let the distro people work it out when they make their builds. Then we can rely on a version-based test to handle the case for Mac and Windows builders using the current official Qt configuration to allow spanning the 5.6 boundary where QtWebKit is gone.

On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 7:33 AM, tsteven4 <[hidden email]> wrote:
We use a bunch of classes from QtCore, e.g. QString, QXmlStreamReader,
QXmlStreamWriter, ... even though we haven't really wanted to be a

It looks like qtwebengine hasn't made it to RHEL7/Centos 7/... which is
using Qt 5.6.1 with Qtwebkit. There is work in Fedora but it hasn't
trickled down yet.

So a decision on using qtwebkit vs. qtwebengine can't necessarily be
based on the qt version.

On 7/21/2016 1:01 AM, juanitotc wrote:
> BTW, why does gpsbabel, a cli app, need a dep on libQt5Core?
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