Problems converting KML to gpx or other formats

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Problems converting KML to gpx or other formats

Alain Berger

Hi all,


I am using GPSBabel 1.2.5 to convert .kml files to other formats such as .gpx or .pcx or even .csv


It seems Babel is NO even extracting waypoint data from a perfectly saved .kml waypoint I am using for testing. I have repeatedly tried on my dell 4500, win xp sp2 home and with google earth plus, bu it simply will not convert. I have plenty of waypoints to use on my GPS and was hoping GPS Babel would REALLY convert kml files to other formats so I could import them to Mapsource.  And I have isolated the problem:  any output file by Babel is EMPTY.  No coordinates.  Onl lines and certain elements of the different GPS formats, but no waypoint coordinates.


Any ideas on how to solve this, or when it will be solved?