Problem getting KML into Lightroom 5.4

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Problem getting KML into Lightroom 5.4

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I'm using GPSBabel 1.5.1 under W7 64 and can't convert Google Maps KML format into GPX in a way that Lightroom 5.4 can read.

GPSBabel says it has successfully converted the file to GPX but when I try to load it into Lightroom I get "error loading tracklog". I suspect GPSBabel is capable of doing it but I just haven't hit upon the right combination of filters and options.

Has anybody else got this to work, and if so what settings are used, please?

GPSVisualizer converts the files successfully so Lightroom can read them, so I know the KML files are valid and it can be done, but GPSBabel is so much more convenient if I can get it to work.

Many thanks,