[PATCH] add support for Geogrid-Viewer binary overlay files

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[PATCH] add support for Geogrid-Viewer binary overlay files

Ralf Horstmann

here is a patch to add support for reading Geogrid-Viewer binary overlay files.
It supports version 2, version 3 and to some degree version 4 overlay files.

There is no documentation for the format available. I've implemented this by
looking at two open source implementations that support version 2 and 3:

- bbbike from https://github.com/eserte/bbbike
- top2gps from http://rmerschel.de/

Version 4 support was added by looking at sample files found on the net.  It's
not perfect but there is a fair chance that it will work (like 27 of my 33
version 4 samples do work).


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