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Older GPSBabel builds?

Steve Lin
I am a new GPSBabel user - just downloaded today - and I seem to be having the same problem with my Skytraq-based Canmore GT-730FL GPS data logger that was described in this recent thread:

Specifically, I get a "cannot set new location" error when trying to offload the track data from the unit, even though I have not specified "set new location" in the options.  I understand from the discussion that this is a new bug introduced in 1.5.3, and has already been fixed in the source for 1.5.4.

Unfortunately, as a new user, I do not have any old builds lying around.  Also unfortunately, I do not think I have the capability to rebuild the Windows version from source (although if I knew what development environment was used, maybe I could give it a go).

So, like the original poster in the thread I referenced, I guess I am interested in finding the Windows version of the 1.5.2 version of GPSBabel, so that I can use it with my device?  (Until 1.5.4 comes out with the fix)?

Any suggestions for finding the previous Windows installer?

Steve Lin

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