Mini-0805 dashcam (AKA E-Prance A7)

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Mini-0805 dashcam (AKA E-Prance A7)

Douglas Peale

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I have a Mini-0805 dashboard camera with GPS, but I do not find it in the list of supported devices.
I have figured out most of the file format:

Example line:
"V" before GPS acquires lock, "A" afterwards, date (ddmmyy), time (, latitude (dddmm.mmmm), polarity of
latitude,longitude (dddmm.mmm), polarity of longitude, speed (not MPH, not M/sec, not KPH), acceleration in M/sec^2 left,
Acceleration in M/sec down (reads -9.8 when stopped), Acceleration backwards (positive when braking)

I made an attempt at an xcsv file for this, but I did not get far enough to think it has any chance of working (see attached).
I have also attached a 5 minute capture from the camera.

I would appreciate any pointers to make this work. (or if this has already been done, please point me at the xcsv file).
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