KML TO GPX with sample files of waypoint/placemark

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KML TO GPX with sample files of waypoint/placemark

Alain Berger - PALM

Allright, so here are the following test files. I followed the process of importing first to ensure the SAME waypoint isbeing referred to.


  1. I first saved a GPS waypoint from the Mapsource program to the GPX format. This shows the structure of the GPX file according to Garmin.
    1. McDonalds-SavedMapsource6.6.2.gpx
  2. Imported file from 1a into Google Earth Plus.  Did some basic editing, added some comments, and then saved it as KML. I
    1. McDonalds-SavedGoogleEarthPlus.kml
  3. Attempted to conver file in 2a using GPS Babel to the GPX format.  I used the Keyhole Markup Language file type setting in the Input file boxes. I selected the GPS XML output file format in the output boxes. I also clicked the “use default file type” to ensure a .gpx file is created.  Pressed the process button, got no errors and the resuling file is:
    1. McDonalds-ConvertedFromKML.gpx


From what I have been fiddling it is my understanding that these are all text files, using XML.  I am no programmer and understand only the basics of working with strings, arrays, etc. I know that some simple string search, character counting and other types of functions could do the job superbly, but I simply have never learned to program L


Hope u guys can help with any ideas



McDonalds-SavedGoogleEarthPlus.kml (1K) Download Attachment
McDonalds-SavedMapsource6.6.2.gpx (1K) Download Attachment
McDonalds-ConvertedFromKML.gpx (346 bytes) Download Attachment