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Ben Davis
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I am new to GPS Babel and have only downloaded the Windows GUI.  Your instructions jump straight into command line usage which is a little too deep for me.

My reason for looking at GPS Babel is I have just bought a Garmin Nuvi 2598 but want to use a 3rd party POI camera database, PocketGpsWorld, this works very well and loads through the POI Loader – However – the Proximity Alerts produce a Grey Banner across the top of the device, whereas the Garmin supplied camera database “Cyclops” produces a Red Banner for the same camera.

I therefore decided, as a project, to see if I could find the “Trigger” that makes the device respond differently to the Cyclops input than a “Custom POI”. I have learnt about XML and that most 3rd parties now edit the gpx file to add a <proximity> extension to the waypoint.  I have looked at the XMLSchema but there is no indication of a tag that could be used.

Previous versions of POI Loader looked at file names to see if they contained trigger words like “Safety”, “Speed” or “Redlight” and used this to set proximity alerts with a red banner, the current version still uses the file names, particularly anything with a number to set a proximity alert but we only get a Grey 3rd party Banner.

So if the difference is not in the gpx file it must be added in the process of creating the gpi file. Of course the Cyclops gpi file is encoded so I cannot simply open it with a text editor like the gpx file.   Hence my interest in GPS Babel.

I see from your documentation that there is a gpi “Category” to specify the category which is primary visible on the device (default is "My points").

Can I use Gps Babel see if the Cyclops gpi file uses a category to trigger the Red Banner?



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