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GPS Babel GUI Maps Preview Not Showing

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Hello there, thank you so much to the contributors for an awesome program. It has worked wonderfully for converting my FIT logs into GPX logs so I can tag photographs. One of my favorite features was the Google Maps preview so I could see a birds eye view of where I had been in the log I was converting. Unfortunately, for the past year or so the preview has not been working for me. I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this or had an idea of what is causing it.

Basically, the map box comes up after the log is converted, but inside the map pane instead of a map I get the characters:


These are displayed on a white background. I am attaching a screenshot of the window, as well as a FIT file.

I have tested this on both of my computers with the same results, including old FIT files that were working previously. I have no options checked or configured in any of the options menus other than "Preview in Google Maps".

The output code at the bottom of the program for a recent conversion was as follows:

gpsbabel -t -i garmin_fit -f /Users/thewoj/Documents/GPS/-FITS/ -o gpx -F /Users/thewoj/Documents/GPS/-FITS/ -o gpx -F /var/folders/m3/k3zf16q17gnfqyk582w3jhh80000gn/T/GPSBabel.u40766

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