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James Banting
Hi All,

I'm trying to convert a file (csv or shapefile) to a gpi and would like to map the attributes so they are included in the resulting gpi.
The output format I'm going for is the same as is on the Garmin POI loader documentation.

Column A = Longitude

Column B = Latitude

Column C = Name

Column D = Comment

Previously, i was converting a shapefile to a csv and running it though POI Loader and I would like to automate this process now.
I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 and have the latest gpsbabel installed and working. My question is, can I map columns in the source data set to columns in the destination data set so that they match the POI loader documentation.

The end goal is to use GDAL/OGR to get the data from a PostgreSQL database and create the gpi file using the gpsbabel driver.

I've included a csv and shapefile for testing. The columns i would like to match are:
Comment = TAX_ROLL_N

I've tried the following command
gpsbabel -i shape -f "./data/Residents.shp" -o garmin_gpi,category="RURAL_ADDR" -F "./data/test.gpi"
But the resulting file did not have my RURAL_ADDR field.

Thanks in advance.
James Banting, M.Sc
President | Delta Geomatics Inc.
Phone: 403-467-4042
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