Connecting Locosys GT-31 and GW-52 to GPSbabel in Mac

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Connecting Locosys GT-31 and GW-52 to GPSbabel in Mac

Hi People,

Macbook Pro.running Yosemite 10.10.5

Trying to download log data from Locosys GT-31 (and if successful GW-52)

I have downloaded and installed to latest driver for 10.10.

I have installed GPS-Babel IFE 1.5.3

I have a connection showing to the usb port when I connect the GT-31 in navilink mode.

GPSbabel shows option of NAVIGPS GT-11/BGT-11 Download in the device menu.

I can select device name: usbserial

Options selected ‘read from datalog’

Translation options: selected ‘Tracks’

In the output section I select ‘File’.  No options appear in the 'Format’ drop down window??

In File Name I have only two options. They are 1. Alan Map 500 trackless. or 2. All Files

When I select 'all files' it still makes an extension /untitled.trl

this is what I get in the text box ofter download attempt:

gpsbabel -t -i navilink,datalog=1 -f /dev/cu.usbserial -x track,title=ACTIVE LOG #%Y%m%d -o alantrl -F /Untitled.trl
trackfilter-init: Track points badly ordered (timestamp 2015-12-17T08:06:09Z > 2015-12-17T08:06:07Z)!

Error running gpsbabel: Process exited unsucessfully with code 1

I am probably missing something simple here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ALSO. Has anyone had success connecting and downloading the GW-52 via GPSbabel?

Regards, Andrew Daff
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