Babel not working on MAC OS 10.9.5

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Babel not working on MAC OS 10.9.5

Ray Mooney
Babel Version 1.5.2

I have been using GPS Babel on my MAC for a long, long time with no problem. So does a friend of mine. A few days ago we both started having a similar problem. With  “Input = Device” we can no longer select FORMAT. It locks on a format and you can not get a selection. We use the “MTK logger” format for our Search & Rescue Team” devices. 

Also the “Device Name” locks on a bluetooth setting and that can not be changed.

What’s up with GPS Babel? It’s odd the 2 MAC’s are having the same problem that have always worked!!!

Need help ASAP!!  We use Babel for our Search & Rescue Team devices.


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